How to customize lithium battery pack,What do you need to pay attention to when customizing lithium battery pack? Lithium battery packs are increasingly refined into different areas of application, such as: consumer lithium batteries, industrial lithium batteries, communication lithium batteries, power lithium batteries, energy storage lithium batteries and so on. The product needs are different so the performance of the corresponding lithium battery will be very different, what are the considerations for customised lithium battery packs?

How to customize lithium battery pack, what do I need to pay attention to when I customize lithium battery pack?

The whole process of customized lithium battery pack is usually within 15 working days.
Day 1: Review and discuss the requirements given by the customer, then quote for the sample, the price is negotiated by both sides after the custom product project is completed.
Day 2: Design of the battery cell and circuit structure.
Day 3: Sample production after all the design is completed.
Day 4: Initial functional testing and debugging completed.
Day 5: Electrical performance of the lithium battery pack and cycle aging test verification.
Sixth day: safety test packaging and shipping. The whole process of lithium battery is completed within 15 days.

Matters needing attention in the customization of lithium battery

1) Lithium battery pack customization is different from mass production products, is for different products for independent research and development and design, so in the customization process, need to pay a certain fee (generally will involve the cost of mold opening, development costs, product prototype costs, etc.)
(2) R & D time: the length of R & D time is directly related to the time of the product on the new, the general lithium battery pack custom R & D time in about 30 days, and the implementation of fast R & D channel, generally do not need to open the mold of the product sampling time can be shortened to 15 days.

Lithium battery as an emerging industry, the rapid development of the past two years, more and more enterprises will be applied to their own products lithium battery pack. Lithium battery pack customization came into being under this environment. Dedicated to lithium battery packs, lithium battery UPS custom solutions, wholeheartedly committed to providing users with more competitive lithium battery custom solutions and products.