1. The input and output ports of the lithium battery need to be confirmed.
2. It is necessary to confirm the IP protection level of the lithium battery pack and the method of fixing the battery pack, and also take into account how to install the lithium battery pack, which will have a great effect on the design of the lithium battery
3. The size of the space where the lithium battery is placed, this will affect the capacity of the lithium battery pack, this space is best communicated with the lithium battery manufacturer before ordering the lithium battery, so as not to cause a big difference between the ideal and the reality of the situation
4. Need to know in advance is expected to customize the service life of the lithium battery, lithium iron battery life is generally 2000 times cycle
5. You need to know how long the equipment will continue to work, as this will be relevant to determining the capacity of the lithium battery pack to be ordered
6. For equipment with similar motors in the matching lithium battery also need to know the maximum power of the instant when starting these inductive loads is how big
7. Because the voltage of the lithium battery pack is not a fixed value but a wide range, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value
8. Determine the size and shape of the battery, so that lithium battery manufacturers can narrow the range when developing and designing.