The heat of the Panasonic battery is less related to the amount of electrolyte, if the sealed Panasonic battery has less electrolyte, the internal resistance will increase, which will also cause the battery to heat up and the end voltage is very high when charging. The battery becomes old, the electrolyte dries up, there is a short circuit inside, etc. The same will also form heat. The charger can not be charged in the late constant voltage, resulting in the formation of battery voltage across the promised value, the temperature will rise, severe will bulge, life expectancy is complete. Panasonic battery in the charging process, part of the electrical energy into chemical energy, but also with part of the transformation into heat and other energy. Charging battery heat is normal, but the temperature is high, you should check the charging current is too large or the battery internal short circuit. In use, try not to put it horizontally or upside down, to prevent a large amount of gas production inside the Panasonic battery can not be smoothly discharged from the venting valve, especially when charging, otherwise it may cause the shell to burst.

The Panasonic battery is a single “original Panasonic battery”, each original Panasonic battery voltage of about 2 volts, the original Panasonic battery in series to form a higher voltage Panasonic battery, a 12-volt Panasonic battery consists of six original Panasonic batteries, 24-volt Panasonic battery consists of 12 original Panasonic batteries, etc. UPS When the Panasonic batteries are charged, each of the original Panasonic batteries connected in series is charged. A slight difference in the function of the original Panasonic battery will result in some of the original Panasonic batteries being charged at a higher voltage than others, and this part of the Panasonic battery will age prematurely. As long as the function of one of the original Panasonic batteries connected in series is reduced, the function of all the Panasonic batteries will be similarly reduced. Experiments have confirmed that the life span of the Panasonic battery is related to the number of original Panasonic batteries connected in series, the higher the voltage of the Panasonic battery, the faster the ageing.