48V 20AH Lithium ion battery pack 13S6P

Li-ion battery is widely used in different fields, such as E-bike, robots, UPS, electric toys, automatic guided vehicle, medical equipments, walkie-talkie, power tools, lighting equipments communication base staion, power bank, power station…etc.

Lithium ion battery pack 18650-13S6P Li-ion 48V 20Ah battery

Basic specifications:

Nominal voltage 46.8V
Nominal capacity 20.1Ah
Max. continuous discharge current 15A or as required
Dimension 335mm*136mm*22mm
PVC color Blue, white, black… as required
Battery cell Panasonic NCCR18650B
Weight(Approx.) 4.1Kg

Youtek Li-ion battery pack advantage:

  1. Safety and reliability are ensured as we are a battery pack factory which have agreement with Panasonic.
  2. Stable performance, can use original branded battery cells for solution, as we are authorized distributor of Panasonic batteries.
  3. Professional engineers provide technical support.
  4. High energy density, could be high charge and discharge rate too.
  5. Could be compliance with different certificate standards, such as UL, IEC, CE, UN38.3…etc.




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