Household Vertical Solar Energy Storage Battery YT 60(BYD LFP BATTERY SOLUTION)

YT-EOV is a new generation of household energy storage system with two output specifications of 220V and 110V, which can meet the diversified needs of global users. The YT-EOV energy storage system adopts a modular design, including power modules and battery expansion modules, so it can be easily combined into a system of any capacity required by the user. BYD LFP cell inside.Customization service available.

YT-EOV24-5.0S YT-EOV24-10.0S YT-EOV24-5.0S YT-EOV24-10.0S
Battery model YT-EOV24 5.0A
Number of batteries 1 2 1 2
Battery Energy 5.12kWh 10.24kWh 5.12kWh 10.24kWh
Battery Capacity 200AH 400AH 200AH 400AH
Weight 100kg 170kg 100kg 170kg
DimensionLx Dx H 1190x600x184mm 1800x600x184mm 1190x600x184mm 1800x600x184mm
Battery Type BYD LFP cell
Battery Rated Voltage 25.6V
Battery Working Voltage Range 22.4 ~ 28.8V
Maximum Charging Current 150A
Maximum Discharging Current 150A
DOD 80%
Designed Life-span 6000 Cycles
Solar Charge Type MPPT
Maximum Output Power 4000W
PV Charging Current Range 0~80A
PV Operating Voltage Range 120~500V
MPPT Voltage Range 120~450V
Maximum Charge Power 2240W 1120W
AC Charging Current Range 0~80A 0~40A
Rated Input Voltage 220/230Vac 110/120Vac
Input Voltage Range 90~280Vac 90~140Vac
Rated Output Power 3500W
Maximum Output Current 30A 40A
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Overload Current 35A 45A
Rated Output Power 3500W
Maximum Peak Power 6000VA
Power Factor 1
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) 230Vac 120Vac
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Auto Switch Period < 15ms
THD <3%
Communication RS485/RS232/CAN/WIFI
Storage time / temperature 6 months @25℃;3 months @35℃;1 months @45℃;
Charging temperature range 0〜45℃
Discharging temperature range -10〜45℃
Operation Humidity 5% 〜 85%
Nominal Operation Altitude <2000m
Cooling Mode Force-Air Cooling
Noise 60dB(A)
Ingress Protection Rating IP20
Recommended Operation Environment Indoor
Installation Method Vertical
Certification UN38.3,MSDS,EN55032,EN55024,EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3

Long life and safety

Using BYD BRAND NEW battery cells, ensure more than 6000cycles with 80% DoD.

Compatible with most inverters

Multiple communication protocol RS485/CAN/WIFI


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