Panasonic Li-ion battery cell 3.6V 2900mAh NCR18650PF

Li-ion battery applications:
* AGV car/AGV robot/Automatic guideless vehicle
* Cameras, radio/audio equipments, walkie-talkie, datalogger, data acqistion systems
* Security system, alarm system, industrial monitors/controllers
* Flashlight, LED light and other Lighting equipments
* Logistics storage equipments
* Medical equipments
* electronic communication devices
* Robots, Electric toy, kids car battery
* Locator, tracker and other vehicle-mounted products
* Other electric equipments

Panasonic Lithium ion battery cell NCR18650PF 18650 2900mAh Li-ion battery

Basic specifications:

Nominal voltage 3.6V
Nominal capacity 2900mAh
Max. continuous discharge current 10A
Dimension 18.35*65.0mm
PVC color Green
Country of origin Japan
Weight (Approx.) 47g

Panasonic li-ion battery advantages:
* High energy density
* Stable performance
* Pollution-free
* Long cycle life
* No memory effect
* Low self-discharge
* High rate charge/dischargeCompliance with different certificate standards, such as UL, IEC, CE, UN38.3…etc.



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