Panasonic high temperature Lithium battery BR1225

Wide applications of Lithium batteries:
Watches, calculatators, clocks
RFID(Electronic label/tag)
Security system, cameras, radios, audio equipments, data logger, data acquistion systems
Car key, electronic communication devices, industrial monitors/controllers
Handheld small medical equipment, remote controller
Remote keyless entry, remote controller
Backup power source of POS machine and other electric devices

Panasonic primary high temeprature Lithium battery 3V BR1225

Basic specifications:

Nominal voltage 3V
Nominal capacity 48mAh
Dimension Diameter 12.5mm* Height 2.5mm
Operating temperature: -30 to +80℃
Country of origin Indonesia
Weight (Approx.) 0.8g


Panasonic primary lithium battery advantages:

    1. Long self-discharge
    2. Stable performance: excellent performance under high power pulse discharge, high reliability and low self-discharge;
    3. Long expecting life: Shelf life over 10 years;
    4. Wide working temperature range: -30 to +80℃
    5. Safe and environment friendly: Fully meet environmental protection requirements of customers in Europe for batteries.




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