Panasonic pin type rechargeable Lithium battery CG-420A

Wide applications of Lithium batteries:
Watches, calculatators, clocks
RFID(Electronic label/tag)
Security system, cameras, radios, audio equipments, data logger, data acquistion systems
Car key, electronic communication devices, industrial monitors/controllers
Handheld small medical equipment, remote controller
Remote keyless entry, remote controller
Backup power source of POS machine and other electric devices

Panasonic rechargeable pin type Li-ion tiny battery 3.8V CG-420A

Basic specifications:

Nominal voltage 3V
Nominal capacity 23mAh
Dimension Diameter 4.7mm* Height 20.0mm
Operating temperature: -20 to +60℃
Country of origin Indonesia
Weight (Approx.) 0.8g





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