A power battery system is used to provide energy for the drive of an electric vehicle and serves as a storage device for the vehicle’s capacity, consisting of one or more battery packs and a battery management system. The power battery module is one of the secondary structures of the power battery system, which is made up of the power battery cells combined in series and parallel and protected by a circuit board and housing.

Plastic is the material of choice for the structural components of power battery modules because of its advantages of insulation, ease of processing and light weight. In response to the design needs of battery modules, material suppliers offer a wide range of materials to meet battery assembly and safety requirements.

Currently, pure electric vehicles are equipped with power batteries, mostly based on ternary lithium materials. Although the energy density of battery materials has been greatly improved, it is still difficult to break the mileage anxiety of consumers. To improve the energy density of power batteries, in addition to further improving the energy density of battery materials, the overall weight reduction of battery packs is also a practical method.

ABS resin is a terpolymer, a complex polymer blending system that combines the advantages of three components: acrylonitrile can ABS resins combine the advantages of three components: acrylonitrile gives the resin high strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance; butadiene gives the resin elasticity and improves impact strength; and styrene gives it excellent electrical properties and good moulding and processing properties. However, its application is limited by its poor heat and weather resistance. Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous polymer with good toughness and excellent rigidity, impact resistance and dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures. Compared to ABS, the ABS/PC alloy improves heat and weather resistance to meet the requirements of new energy vehicle module housings and provides a practical solution to customers’ battery weight reduction needs.