The more fully discharged the lithium battery pack, the greater the loss of the battery. The more fully charged the battery, the greater the loss of the battery. The lithium battery pack is in the middle of the power. In that case, the battery life is long.

  • Lithium Ion Battery Discharge Misunderstanding

At present, most batteries of electronic products use lithium battery pack. There is no need to charge the lithium battery to 100% full power, let alone use up the power. Under appropriate circumstances, try to keep the battery power near the half full state, and the smaller the range of charging and discharging, the better.

① The state of too high and too low electricity has an adverse impact on the life of lithium battery pack, while the number of charge and discharge cycles is secondary.

② The long-term low or no power state will increase the resistance to the movement of electrons in the battery, resulting in the reduction of the battery capacity.

③ Temperature also has a great impact on the service life of lithium battery pack.

④ The lithium battery pack will be easily scrapped if it is in full charge for a long time.

⑤ Don’t use it under high temperature. Don’t charge it when the temperature is too low. The battery power should not be too low as far as possible.

⑥ Try not to plug in the charger for a long time. The charger should be from a regular company. Do not use miscellaneous brands. Too fast charging speed will also affect the battery life.

12V 13Ah Lithium ion battery pack 18650-3S5P
  • Precautions for Lithium Ion Battery Storage

1. The battery cannot be charged immediately after it is discharged from the outdoor or retrieved at high temperature. It can be charged only after the surface temperature of the battery cools down.

2. Store in a dry and safe room; Low temperature storage will not damage the battery. But the battery temperature shall be increased during use, and it shall be placed in the vehicle as far as possible during outdoor use.

3. Pay attention to the “+” and “-” marks on the battery and electrical appliances, and correctly install the battery into the electrical appliances. If the battery is installed reversely, it may be short circuited. And it is resulting in overheating, leakage, discharge, rupture, explosion, fire and personal injury.

4. When replacing batteries, replace all batteries with new batteries of the same brand and model at the same time. When batteries of different brands and models or old and new batteries are mixed. Due to the difference of voltage or capacity. Some batteries may be over discharged or forcibly discharged, resulting in leakage, discharge, explosion, fire and personal injury.

5. Keeping the lithium battery pack moderately charged and discharged can prolong the battery life. Maintaining the power of lithium battery at 10% ~ 90% is conducive to protecting the battery. This means that there is no need to reach a large value when charging the batteries of digital products such as mobile phones and laptops.

  • The structure and characteristics of 12V lithium ion battery

When lithium ion battery cell is overcurrent, overcharged and overheated. The protection board will automatically disconnect the power supply. It is the safety cover of lithium ion battery. Once there is a problem with the protective plate, Combustion or explosion may occur.


the cell is equivalent to the core of 12V lithium ion battery. There are many kinds of cells, and the performance characteristics are also very different. Lithium iron phosphate and polymer lithium batteries have the characteristics of long service life, high safety and no memory. The failure of lithium iron phosphate battery cell is only combustion at most and will not explode.

Process technology

Process technology is the key to determine the quality of lithium-ion batteries. Different manufacturers will have different technologies. Under the same conditions, inferior batteries are more likely to explode or burn. Fake and defective batteries are also an important factor causing many lithium-ion battery explosions. Therefore, when purchasing 12V lithium-ion batteries, we must choose reliable manufacturers.

Acupuncture: The damaged part will cause local short circuit and a large amount of heat, which will raise the internal temperature of the battery to the temperature of positive thermal decomposition, but at most let the battery cell burn without explosion;

Short circuit: a large amount of heat appears at the moment when the current passes through the battery, heating the battery to raise the battery temperature to the temperature of positive decomposition, which leads to battery heat out of control, resulting in combustion or explosion.

Ambient temperature: when the ambient temperature is too high, the interior of the battery is like a reaction chain, and the positive material will also undergo thermal decomposition in such an environment. In such a sealed case, the cell will bulge and burst when the pressure reaches the limit.